Depending on your wishes, SPOT ON offers the following services:

Architectural lighting design.

Light has a major effect on how we experience architecture, spaces and outside environments and how we feel about them. With creative and sustainable lighting designs, SPOT ON enhances your working environment, your living comfort or the wellbeing in the space.

Light art installations.

Light art installations are a wonderful way to enhance interaction with your visitors. SPOT ON will design and realise installations in which light is the most important means of expression. For example a sculpture that produces light, or a fascinating interactive interplay of an existing environment with light, colour and shadows.

Biodynamic lighting

Artificial light and daylight influence our biorhythm and well-being. SPOT ON helps to adjust the lighting to the biorhythm. For yourself, your employees, guests or visitors, I make sure that daylight is used to it’s full potential, and choose luminaires that automatically mimic the course of daylight, or to your own preference. Thus, cool white light with a high intensity activates you in the morning and after lunch, whilst dimmed warm light at the end of the afternoon and evening helps you to relax and sleep better.

Daylight design

Daylight influences the atmosphere, productivity and our mood. SPOT ON helps to allow daylight into your building as optimally as possible. This increases your well-­being, often saves energy and helps prevent overheating, glare and UV damage. I do this by:

  • using daylight solutions -­‐ such as windows, skylights and daylight tubes -­consistently and to determine their ideal shape and position;
  • letting the changeability of daylight be part of your interior, the natural play of light has a calming effect;
  • allowing daylight and artificial light to play optimally together in my design, for example by automatically dimming the artificial light when there is sufficient daylight.

For the technical detailing of the daylight openings I work together with an architect.

Light research and light experiments

Sometimes you have a light effect in mind, but no standard solution is available. Or is it unclear to you what the result will look like? In such situations, SPOT ON provides mock-­‐ups, test setups or computer simulations to determine the effect of artificial light and daylight on your building, object, texture or colour. This way we know if the intended result is feasible.

How can SPOT ON help you?

In a personal conversation we discuss your wishes and possibilities. Upon that you will receive a plan of action.