Creative and sustainable architectural lighting design

Discover what light can do for you


  • architectural lighting design
  • biodynamic lighting
  • light art installations
  • daylight design
  • light research and light experiments


“A new lighting design – made by SPOT ON – gives the office the right light quality and makes it visually pleasing. The historical details of this oldest stone house in Amsterdam are now accentuated.”

“As a lighting designer, Paulo van Cuijck is very creative. He cleverly translates the client’s wishes into an original lighting concept.  It was a pleasure to collaborate with Paulo.”

“In short time Paulo has realised a striking and effective light installation within our office. Pre-conceived elements are beautifully and clearly highlighted, which has given the space a more professional appearance.”


For larger scale projects SPOT ON lichtontwerp works in close collaboration with architects, interior architects, photographers and lighting control specialists.