10 X SPOT ON lichtontwerp

1. Paulo van Cuijck

Hello. Pleased to meet you. I am Paulo, owner of SPOT ON lichtontwerp. It strikes me time and time again how light can enormously boost the atmosphere or the character of a space, and how my clients are pleasantly surprised by the end result. In addition to my education and extensive experience in architectural light design and spatial design, I also graduated as an environmental scientist. With this combination I can offer you inventive, smart and sustainable custom solutions.

2. Lighting design

SPOT ON lichtontwerp helps organisations and individuals to strengthen the working environment, the wellbeing in a space and the living comfort by means of light. Often the main focus for people is on the design of luminaires. A pity, as there is so much more that can be done with light. With my designs you can find the perfect lighting solution. In addition, you can save energy, prevent light nuisance or glare in the interior, or light pollution in an outdoor area.

3. Customisation

Together we can explore your ideas and wishes. Upon that I create the desired lighting solution for your indoor or outdoor space. Functional, enhancing the character or identity, light as an experience, sustainable, energy-efficient, user comfort: whatever is important to you.

4. Creative solutions

Light can make or break a space. It is fascinating to see how smart lighting design can have a great effect on a space. Even with limited resources, I always strive to get the most out of a space, to highlight it in a special way. A good lighting design is layered. Of course the light must be functional, but preferably, also surprising. I take great care of subtle effects and contrasts, emphasising special elements, shapes and materials, letting the colours sparkle.

5. Sustainable designs

As a graduate in environmental sciences, sustainability is not just a buzzword for me. It is a serious part of my design process. I opt for energy-efficient luminaires and controls, and make sure that they cause no or only a minimal of light pollution or nuisance, and that plant and animal life won’t be disrupted.

6. Light working method

My way of working is also focused on making things lighter for you. I monitor the process from design to realisation and ensure that the designs are technically feasible. If necessary, I coordinate with, for example, your contractor, interior architect or electrician. SPOT ON lichtontwerp can also put together a customised team with the right professionals for you.

7. Brand independent

SPOT ON lichtontwerp guarantees you the best lighting solution within your budget. I therefore work brand-independent and go for the best price-quality ratio. Based on my objective advice, it is up to you to purchase the luminaires yourself, making the process economical and transparent.

8. International experience

I gained my lighting knowledge at the Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan in Stockholm. After that I worked at a London lighting design studio for over two years, learning the tricks of the trade. In 2015 I established SPOT ON lichtontwerp, working on a wide variety of projects for national and international clients.

9. Company name

Working as an architectural lighting designer in London, twice a client responded to my design saying “ That was really spot on”. So when I started my own company in 2015, the company name was quickly chosen. With Spot ON lichtontwerp I put spaces in the spotlights and I always prefer to exceed the expectations of my clients.

10. Unique spaces

My profession brings me to special places: monumental and modern buildings, self-build houses, old shipyards, country estates. My clients are equally diverse. Your working or living environment is also unique. I like to discuss its individual character and unique possibilities with you and make smart use of their potential.